3 Best Money-Saving Tips For Summer Of 2020!

Summer of 2020 will be different, not worse just different. It depends on what kind of actions you will make to make it to its fullest potential. We will provide you with three best tips for saving money this summer. Here is what you can change in travel, fitness and food categories:

  • Travel but make it more affordable, however, still enjoyable
  • Stay fit and healthy without spending a dime
  • And work on your eating choices, they can be cheaper than you think!

Travel on a budget! 

Travelling in summer of 2020 will be or should be more tamed as we will stay in our countries most likely and explore places locally. It will not stop us from gaining positive experiences and memories. But it can save us money!

Don’t stay in Airbnb’s or hotels!

Let’s start by saying that, don’t use Airbnb’s or hotels if possible because renting places to stay in, cost most times the most of the whole trip. But we don’t spend much time in them. It’s just not worth it if you think about it.

If it’s warm outside, camping can be a great choice if you are staying overnight. It actually can be fun to change the scene for once in a while. Let’s imagine going to sleep by the beach or ocean and hearing waves crashing against rocks, birds chirping. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Guess what, it can be your reality. What is more, if you come across a camping place which is for free, you don’t have to pay anything to have this glorious experience. No hundreds of (currency) for one or two nights, this way you can save this money for something you want! Don’t you think it’s a great compromise? 

Cooking is not that bad!

We spend so much money on food, left and right. But is it worth it? In the 21st century, we are in our spinning circle as we are going with the flow with everyone else and their lifestyles. Also, we can’t escape advertisements on every corner telling us to buy this or that, that it’s fast and easy, and will be right at your door in minutes. It sounds great right? It does, but time to time we should take a step back and do some of these tasks ourselves. 

We are not saying that ordering or going out for food should be stopped altogether. No, you can treat yourself with it. As the emphasis goes to treat. If we could cook in your day to day life from home, you would save a lot of money as fees for food probably goes right after your rent/ mortgage or car insurance coverage in most households. 

Benefits of cooking are:

  • Saving money
  • You know what is exactly in your food (health purposes)
  • Learning or working on existing cooking skill
  • And spending more time with your family at home

Grow your own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables can be a cool and great thing to work on too. It’s fresh, chemical-free and amusing to do as a hobby. 

Meal preparation

By preparing meals for more than one day can save you a lot of money as you wouldn’t go to shops that frequently. As well as it can save you time in the day. 

Stay active without a gym!

For a lot of us fitness and staying healthy is a coping mechanism to stay sane, however, we don’t need to have gym memberships in the summer when we having possibilities to be outside, of course, keeping social distancing but there are still possibilities to be active like running or using outdoor gyms or anything that you put your mind to. 


Great swap from the gym to home exercise is by using youtube videos. Most of us have access to it. If you are reading this, you have it. You can find thousands upon thousands of videos which can fit just for your needs. And it’s free! This way you can put your membership money to something else for your summer of 2020 adventures!

Put your car to rest!

What is more, put your car to rest if you can and pick up your dusty bike or just walk places, this change will 100% save you money as you don’t have to worry about fuel, parking tickets, insurance or service visits. But by using a bike or walking you will get your exercise for the day. 


Saving money can be easy if you have the right tools and mindset to change your routine. It might seem hard, but with the time you’ll see that it’s not. As examples shown in this blog, you can find a replacement for a lot of things. And it’s for a great cause as you can redirect your money flow to save up and use this money for a local travel trip or some new technology purchases. Try it out, and you will not regret it! To find more useful information about money savings, look into our blog to find out more!