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How to save-up on Back to School supplies?

The new school year is coming close, and back to school advertisements are loudly making its presence in the shops, TV and social media. It’s again that time of the year when August is going to its end and September is arriving with new exciting expectations about the upcoming school year! 2020 has been a different year, but the usual back to school routine of purchasing new supplies and all the essentials is still here. Finances might not be on your side, but Monily have tips about how to save-up by slightly changing usual buying everything behaviour and mentality behind it!

We will talk about:

  • The brand is not essential!
  • Quantity is not the key!
  • Products do not reflect on your abilities!

If these tips can help you, keep on reading!

The brand is not essential!

Products as school bags, notebooks, pens with brand logos will always be more appealing to kids as they seem “cooler” to them. But if the finances at the moment aren’t allowing you to buy brand supplies, it’s not that hard to find a qualitative replacement for cheaper.  Save-up by switching up some higher-end products with regular ones and use that money for the later or use it to purchase something extra.

Quantity is not the key!

Each back to school year comes with excitement about the upcoming supply shopping spree. Kids are buzzing to choose and pick the essentials they like the most. In the process, the number of supplies that end up in the basket can quickly go out of proportions. Parents have to be aware of what is essential and what is not, so when shopping you need, to focus on buying a  bare minimum

Products do not affect your abilities!

We assume that branded products are of higher quality, – which correlates with performing better. It might be the case in some instances but not always. Kids passion, drive and curiosity – do not come from things it comes from themselves. A parents job is to change kids mindset and teach them to not run after everything loud and shiny with a mental attachment of success. Kids can stand their ground and succeed with or without the expensive things as it all depends on the upbringing and understatement of material value. 


We are not saying that – parents shouldn’t treat their kids with something special, they can! But in the instances when money is not pouring out of the sky, choose what is best for you. Material is not the key to success! That been said, save-up by using our tips and thank us later! However, if the current events in the world have made income shrink. Monily can always give a hand in situations like this because kids are our future!