Moola Lending Corporation in Philippines – Get PHP 10,000.00 Same Day

This company is not providing loans anymore. Currently company is closed. We appologize for inconveniece. Please go to our homepage to search for a loan from other lending companies.

Loan Amountmax 20,000
Term30 days
Age22 – 60
How quick money will be on your account?In 24 hours

In this Moola lending (ex. Doctor Cash) Philippines review we will uncover Moola same day online loan if it is a legit, its pros and cons, features and application process to help you learn everything you need to know about this Lender in Phillippines.

Pros: Fast, purely online 24/7 cash loan application and processing for residents of Philippines. Returning customers are rewarded with a chance to avail of the longer repayment period and a maximum loan amount of up to PHP 20,000.00.

Cons: Out of the many online payday cash loan lenders in the Philippines, Moola cash loan charges a bit higher interest rates, repayment term starts counting from the day the loan application is submitted not on the day loan proceeds are released.

Moola or Moola Money, a Philippine-based online platform for micro consumer financing is one of the most popular fin-tech credit lending companies in Asia. Moola lending corporation in the Philippines launched its business operation in the country in the year 2005 under the company name Doctor Cash. Doctor Cash was the very first online personal loan service provider of its kind to operate in the Philippines.

Whereas anyone runs the risk of facing an emergency money need at least once in their lifetime, the Philippines being a developing country pose more of this risk to its citizens. Moola lending corporation Philippines, with its own brand of rapid, simple and transparent instant and premium financial solutions came to the country at the perfect time. When the credit banking market system within the region is shifting into becoming more technology oriented. A very welcome development in the micro-financing market for many Filipinos.


Moola Lending Corporation in Philippines Payday Loan features

Moola lending is providing what is now called payday (salary) loans, referring to the 30 days repayment period of these types of loans which corresponds to the payday period of most Filipinos. Commonly provided by lending companies to costumers in various names such as; payday cash loans, personal loans or simply cash loans, these could be availed of without using a credit card. Application processing is purely coursed online using the process forms provided at the loan services providers or lenders website.

What are the maximum loanable amount and the interest rate?

Moola offers a loan range from PHP 2,000 minimum to maximum of PHP 10, 000.00 for beginning customers. Above PHP 10, 000.00 to a maximum of PHP 20,000.00 for repeat or recurring customers. The interest rate for Moola loans is fixed, at 30% corresponding to any number of days chosen as repayment period. The total amount of loan repayment can be calculated using the calculator provided with the application form.

Application Process and Approval

Moola loans application processing is 100% online through a form provided at the Moola website. In each step of the application process, customers should fill all the field of the application form with the required personal data. These are the same basic personal information; name, contacts, TIN or SSS ID number and income sources required by any loan or credit transactions in the Philippines when completing a contract. However, in many instances, those who can provide actual phone numbers of the company they work for are approved much faster.

The whole application process could take 30 minutes at the very least to a maximum of 1 hour.  Loan approval customarily is instant.  After the application form is submitted by the customer and reviewed by the Moola’s officer-in-charge (usually 5 – 20 minutes) or in some cases could take as much as 1 -3 days.

How to receive the loaned money?

Upon approval, loan proceeds will be credited to the customer’s designated bank account, a day after the approval call, or some may take 2-3 days. In cases when the money is not credited to the designated bank account, even if customer support says it is already credited, a follow-up call would not be amiss. Customer service support entertain calls 24/7 and will make a follow through.

Is Service Charge – Handling Fee 100% Free

Although Moola advocates transparency of transactions it is not stated on the website that there is a service charge of 10% deducted automatically from the loan proceeds. Accordingly, for a PHP 2, 000.00 loans, the amount credited to a bank account will only be PHP 1,800.00.

Moola finance is a credit lending institution operating in the Philippines, providing Filipinos fast and easy means to access money for emergency needs. Basically, transactions like Moola money loans are governed by existing Philippine laws on contracts. In the Philippines, a person can only enter into contract when he/she is of legal age. Moola personal loans can only be availed of by Filipino citizens living in the Philippines, of legal age at 22 years to 60 years old, no more no less, can provide a TIN or SSS ID number as proof he/she is a real person, a phone number of the company they work for and a phone number of a co-worker for income source verification. Documents, credit cards and credit check scores will not be required.

On Loyalty Rewards, Repayment Features and Interest Rates

Personal payday loans are much easier for borrowers who have established good credit reputation with lenders to avail. Although Moola provides services focused on rapid, simple and transparent business services process, they still work on the same principle with which other lenders operate when it comes to loyal customers. Recurring small loans and successful repayment history on record will boost a borrower’s chance to avail of the above PHP 10, 000.00 cash loan with a flexible prolonged repayment period. This is Moola’s form of loyalty reward for cooperative and reliable costumers.

Moola grants repeat or recurring customers in good standing the chance to avail of an extended or prolonged repayment period on loan amount above PHP 10, 000.00 up to a maximum of PHP 20, 000.00. Minimum payment can be made every 30 days period (monthly) over an extended repayment period of up to 12 months, while the borrower still needs to use the principal amount of the loan.

Sample computation; on repayment date total amount of an PHP 8,000.00 loan used for 90 days will be computed as 8, 000.00 + 8, 000.00 x 1% interest rate per day x 90 days + 1, 400.00 prolongation fee. The total amount payable will come up to PHP 16, 600, (computed at 430% APR).

Repayments can be sent through 7 Eleven Cliqq kiosk, LBC, Bayad Center, Cebuana Lhuillier, Robinson’s Payment Center, SM Payment Counters (SM Savemore, SM Hypermart, SM Department Store, SM Supermart) by using their respective payment forms. Write DRAGON PAY as Biller/Receiver Name. Only DRAGON PAY and DRAGON LOANS are the designated paying partners of Moola Lending Corporation Philippines. Make sure to get a payment confirmation receipt.

Planning to Apply for A Payday Loan – Here’s How to Apply in Moola Lending Corporation

  1. Go to moola lending ph website.
  2. At the website, there is an online calculator provided. Choose loan amount and corresponding repayment period.
  3. Complete the steps of the application process by filling in your personal information such as; first name, middle name, last name, contact number, SSS or TIN number, gender, date of birth and email address. Furthermore, actual physical address and phone number of home, a source of income, contact number of employer and of a coworker or a superior from work are required. Also, a bank account to receive money.
  4. Wait for approval call from customer support, which most of the time are right after the loan application processing. When approved the money will be credited to the designated bank account on the same day or after 2-3 days.

Help and Support

Any PC or mobile device can be used to access the moola lending website where online applications for loans are all coursed through. The website is operational 24/7 and doesn’t go offline. Customer support is always available to receive and review applications round the clock. The best way to contact Moola (ex. Doctor cash) is by using their contact number you can find on lenders site.


While Moola’s loan application process structure operates on a rapid, simple and transparent system. Don’t abuse the convenience it allows. These types of services were developed to provide easy access to money in times of emergencies, it’s bad judgment to treat them like other standard loans. Moola is a legit quick loan and not a scam!

As some of the feedback you will find online regarding this lender looks scary, Monily found out that lender is operating quick and accurate as stated on their website. In case you need a quick support, call straight to the phone as a complaint section on facebook is not the best place to get a quick response.

Even with standard loans, it is best to borrow only when there really is a need for the money and you have the capacity to pay. For even if credit cards and credit scores are slowly becoming redundant, credit companies still have ways to shop around for credit references.