Non- Collateral Loans: Full Guide

Non- Collateral Loans: Full Guide

Unlike to secured type of loan, a non-collateral loan may be the best option for easy, fast approval, and immediate loan without collateral for consumers’ advantage. Applying in this kind of loan borrower doesn’t require declaring any of the existing assets as a guarantee.

Generally, loaned amount and lender’s term determined the interest rate yet its rates are usually ranged from 1% to 5% per month. Borrowers can loan an amount of PHP 10,000 at the beginning but the loanable amount may increase depending on borrower’s credit performance and capacity to pay higher than the previous debt. Furthermore, lenders provide different cash receipt and preferred repayment options via online banking, ATM or cheques of pot dated.

The Philippines don’t have standardized credit scoring method, and applicant’s creditworthiness was only adjudged by the bank internal standards. Therefore, it suggested presenting documents as much as possible for applicant’s identity establishment. These could be a big help for fast approval process!


If you want to loan without the collateral Philippines, consider the following options you might like.

Personal Loan without collateral          

  • Tuition/ School Loan

Exam approaching but you don’t have the budget? No more worries as we partner lending company in the Philippines no collateral to ensure your child’s future. This kind of personal loan offers loan payment for tuition expenses, miscellaneous fee, and any other form of school fees. So what are you waiting for, apply now!

  • Medical Emergency Loan

We as an optimistic being don’t prior to set aside money for an emergency purpose. However, when unexpected does happen, we have to deal with it.  Get the fast approval personal loan Philippines no collateral solution within a short period of time. We understand everyone’s time management so we do our best to offer easy access loan.

  • OFW Loan

Only selected bank loan Philippines without collateral provides OFW’s loan. Instead of wasting your time searching for this exotic like bank, we came to bring them in one place.  For easy, smooth, and fast cash loan Philippines no collateral application, apply OFW loan Philippines with us, can be accessed also to Cebu loan no collateral.

  • Non-Collateral Loan

Do have any bad credit records or not qualified with the secured loan? Find no more with this personal non collateral loan Philippines. We partner lending company Philippines without collateral so you have the chance to avail loan without hassle.

  • Loan for Major Purchases

Furnishing your house or replacing old with new appliances? Personal cash loan Philippines no collateral brings you the hottest solution for any purchases problem. With us, you can pay installments fees of the expensive ones and immediately use after the purchase date. What an amazing startup for investment!

  • Special Occasion Loan

We tend to celebrate the special event in a wondrous way. Occasions such as wedding, graduation, golden or silver anniversary, or any other labeled as ‘once in a lifetime’ event should not be missed, so have no time to shilly-shally and take the personal loans Philippines no collateral a solution to these. We have partners who really understand the meaning of these occasions to you.

  • Disaster Loan

The Philippines is known as prone to natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes. So quick cash loan with collateral is not a good choice as property guarantee might fail anytime. We strongly believe that this should not be ignored, so we partner lending companies to help you with the unsecured type of loan. We care for you!

  • Maternity Loan

The solution offered to pregnant women and their direct families. Everything is already set and no more hassle to find those hospital payments. Look no further than our partners’ personal collateral loan. We got you!

OFW Loan without collateral

  • Financial Assistance for Extended OFW

Aside from coping long distance relationship from loved ones, OFWs provides their families support during financial crisis such as unforeseeable emergencies or sudden bombarded by school expenses. When things happen, we are just here for you.

  • Emergency Backup

We can’t anticipate sending money behind and it can happen any moment from now. We, together with our partners providing nagpapautang no collateral, help you compensate the pera padala to your loved ones back there. We got your back anytime you need.

  • Business Privileges

Want to establish your own business? Don’t stress yourself with your savings. We have partner who is willing to help you with business loan without collateral Philippines. So, start investing now! Increase your income and achieve your goal with SME loans without collateral Philippines.

  • OFW’s Vacation

We deserve to distant from the toxic of working environment but we are trouble with the vacation budget. No more be risk of getting your personal savings! Everything is here, we welcome you to get a vacation loan at home with your loved ones.

  • Deployment Loan

Want to book a flight to overseas dream job of yours without extra fund? There’s no need to stress you. We have the best partner for you offering the best loan without collateral. All we want is to ensure you’re at ease and no need to bother financially when going abroad.

  • Loan for OFW Balik-Mangagawa

Time to go back to your home but haven’t sufficient funds? We can help you! We have the right partner who provide loan Philippines no requirements needed to prove your assets as a guarantee. Get the certain amount you need so you can schedule a flight and process the Balik-mangagawa documents.  Works on leave and re-hires can avail this OFW loan.


Haven’t you decided yet with what form of loan you want to go? If yes, we extremely suggest you explore more to your choices.  You can fill in the 3 simple step online application form that can be accessed on our site and we will help you to find the best lenders you can trust. The system operation will ensure that your loan demand matched with the right online lending companies.