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Online Loans and Negative Stigma Around Them!

Terms online loan/ credit has been portrayed in a quite negative way in society for some time now. However, mostly, the first-time client thinks that it’s useful in difficult times.

So why negative responses about this subject? Stigma? We would say yes! Why? Because some people have made it seem like it is a negative decision applying for an online loan because it can lead you to huge financial problems. But no one says what led them to say these statements. 

Statistically talking, mostly all analyses are showing that the personal loan boom is growing every year, also in the Philippines. If in 2015 the average loan balance was $72 billion it has doubled to almost to $150 billion in 2020. They are becoming mainstream: used by people from different income brackets, ethnic backgrounds, and religions. 

That being said, there aren’t tremendous bursts of bad statistics out there about cash loans online. Where all of this negativity is coming from, you may ask. 

Mainly social media and television. These are the outlets that are feeding us viewers with this demanding information. They are most of the time focusing on the bad stories and not so much on the good ones. That is the reason why we are “trained” to think that way about short term loans.

Questions you must ask yourself before applying for an online loan.

Borror responsibly before you borrow money! We have heard this sentence way too many times, right?

What is sad, after this sentence people borrow money, however, doesn’t understand that it is not just a sentence, but a warning in a way. From this point on, it’s your responsibility how you are handling the repaying process. 

This sentence is there to make you think.

Do I need this money? But most importantly can I pay it back?

But some don’t think about it.

Then starts issues with the repaying process. Some people who receive a personal loan are taking it without thinking about the damage that it can make for them in the long run. It can affect your credit score in a way that you’ll never think about. 

In a few years, you may want to buy a property or apply for a property mortgage or start a business, but banks can decline your application. Just because of this loan that you didn’t repay by its terms and conditions. 

That’s where words online loans are starting to harm society’s outlook. These people now are projecting their anger to others around them. Making this opportunity for people who would like to apply for fast loans is not desirable anymore. Here is what you need to do to make it work for you?

Tips on how to prepare before applying for credit/ loan.

As we have seen, what happens when loans are used in the wrong way. You can turn it around and make it right! You may ask how?

Easy! Just think!

  • Put down your budget
  • Plan (so everything goes smoothly)
  • Think about the future (how you will put everything into perspective)
  • And then you can borrow


It’s really important to look at what you have and how much you need. Some people put it on a notebook budget planner or some on apps. It depends on your preference. This is a major point to see how your budget looks overall. Divide it by categories, it will make it a lot clearer for you to see where your money is going each month. That way you can move around your “needs”, so it can benefit you.


After you have figured out your budget, you can start planning. With a ready budget, you can see how much you can spend on each section of your expenses. That way you know how much money you have to be able to repay the cash loan. Because of that, you also know the optimal amount you can afford borrowing. 


With being on board with your budget and your monthly plan. You can be sure that you aren’t going to sabotage yourself with a spontaneous application for an online loan. That way you can’t go wrong! Because you’ll be ready to take care of your decisions.

You control your money, not the other way around!

Monily for instance.

Our service doesn’t want your life to become miserable. But the complete opposite, we want you to do things that you want to do. And overall, succeed in life. So now when you know what to do. Whenever you need that little push, we are here to help you!