24/7 Robocash Credit Lending Corporation in the Philippines


Loan Amountmax 25,000
Term30 days
Age22 – 60
How quick money will be on your account?In 24 hours

Pros: Rapid, easy, transparent, and instantly 24/7 automated online loan system for Filipinos. Robocash automatically increases the loan limit period to 30 days and loan amount up to 25,000 after the payment of previous debt.

Cons: Among the cash loan lenders in the Philippines, Robocash is one of the most expensive in the credit banking market.

Robocash, a fast cash loan Philippines, providing reliable financial product is one of the credit lending companies which occupied a solid position as a trustworthy and successful business. Philippines financing corporation started its operation with the company “FinTerra” in 2010.  Today, it comprises 5 companies with join-forced of more than 1,150 employees. In the moment of its operation, this SEC-licensed financing company issued more than 2 million loans.

Since economic crisis can appear at any time, this online platform is designed to work on an ongoing basis – which can cater any emergencies anytime. Robocash credit lending company, with the trademark of fast, easy and transparent, provides financial solutions which are rampant in the country. As financing loan system becomes more attached to technology, many Filipinos make it as an opportunity to enter the micro-financing market.

Philippines Financing Corporation Payday Loan features

Robocash lending is new fully automated on-line system providing 24-hour payday loan in the Philippine. It commonly offers 30 days loan, however, sought with discount upon returning the first loan amount on time. The application procedure is purely objective as cash robot system will instantly analyze the information of granting the online loan and transferring requested amount (fast cash loan approval).

How can you avail a loan?

  • You can get a loan if you are a 22-60 years old Filipino citizen and has a Government valid ID.
  • If your recent mobile phone number is not blocked.
  • If you have registered on the website of robot cash.

What are the prerequisite documents do you need to present?

“Robocash” Philippines only requires 1 valid Government ID but it is suggested to present backup documents like payslip, COE, ITR, company ID, DTI (if self-employed or with business).

How much is the lendable amount you can borrow?

“Robocash” loan can give you  1,000 pesos up to 25, 000 pesos but still, it depends upon your monthly gross income.

How can you get the loan?

  1. Go to robocash ph website.
  2. At the website, there is an online loan calculator provided. Choose the amount and corresponding term which you can return it.
  3. Complete the steps of the applying procedures by filling in your personal information – first name, middle name, last name, e-mail, phone number, and password. Simply enter the other necessary data into the application including the way you receive the money.
  4. If approval for application was granted, sign the contract through the code obtained from SMS. Robocash will transfer the money to you instantly right after signing the contract. The speed of receipt of the money usually takes 1 to 2 days depending on your bank.

Robotcash operates 24/7 so you can lend money anytime when you need it.

Can Robocash give you another one?      

The online loan service establishes each client an individual limit. You have the chance to get one more loan within the said limits in case you do not have past due to payments on loans previously.

Will the limit next loan increases?

After the payment of the previous loan, robocash system automatically increases the loan limit. The following loan opportunity will be available immediately after the remittance of the previous loan amount.

How long it takes to appear on the account after loan request has been approved?

The robot will automatically send the amount right after the confirmation of the contract. The receipt speed of the money depends on your bank. Usually, the transfer takes within a period of 1 to 2 days. Reception of money is expected during working hours from 8:00 to 16:00.  If the application was approved during the night, you can receive the money the following morning. If it is during the weekend, you will receive the receipt of the amount on Monday morning.

What to do if the SMS code does not arrive?

Try to restart your phone. Check the memory of your phone if you still do not receive the message. If it is not enough space, delete some inessential text messages. Also, try to check your account balance and SMS service setting. After performing the suggested acted action, request on the website to send the SMS again. If you have not received the message,  write the problem, your mobile number and the telephone operator to support@robocash.ph.

What can you do if you enter the wrong bank details?

Since the account number is not the same as the indicated DNI information, you will not receive the money, unfortunately. Within 2 weeks, the amount sent will be back to the Robocash service. Your loan will be cancelled without any interest or commission.  You can make another application and be reminded to check the personal information correctly.

Is it possible to call off the application?

Cancel can be done until the moment of contract signing. After confirming through signature, the value is sent instantly. In the situation, you can only refund the loan early with a minimal amount of interest. You can check the payment in the robocash.ph customer service line or in the personal account. Send an email to support@robocash.ph if you have not confirmed it yet.

Will my application be approved if I have not yet repaid the loan in a third company?

The “Robocash” system will make a favorable decision if you paid loan on time.

What if the cash loan application has been denied?

If you have a good credit payment on time on the previous record, there may have an error. Try to fill in and send the application once more. The more personal information you put, the greater the possibility that your application will be confirmed.

Deadline Extension

Extending the deadline can be done in a simple way. You have to pay the loan interest for the issued days using one of the stated methods:

  1. Debit card;
  2. Credit card;
  3. Using bank account;
  4. Online banking service of “Robocash”;
  5. cash transfer to “Robocash” with the help of operator in an office of the bank

The amount you enter has something to do to extend the term in the customer service or in website private space.

How can you pay the debt using bank card?

On the due date, you have to open the section of your personal account. In the list of “ Active loans,” you have to choose the loan you want to repay or extend. When you click the button you will be provided with a method option of debt repayment. Choose the “bank card”  and proceed to the payment procedure. The more information can be seen in the section “How to return the money”.

Cash Payment

Robocash.ph website print the formalized payment order. Through this document, you can pay the online loan at any nearby bank.  However, transfers sometimes take within 5 days. To avoid delay, send the scanned proof of payment with payment date to email.

Help and Support

Robocash Philippines online lending website can be accessed through any PC or mobile devices. The website is fully automated by a system which can analyze 1800 parameters of the application, make a decision of approving the loan and transferring of amount objectively. The robot will not be tired, so it operates throughout the 24/7.


Robocash loan application procedure structure operates on a fast, easy, and transparent service at any convenient time. Hence, do not abuse the features it offers. These types of online services were made to help access money immediately in case of emergencies. It is unethical to use it as a standard loan. It has always been recommended to use even standard loan in a case when money is badly needed and you are capable of paying.